"Murder in 3-D" (our spring 2012 show) 

The famous directing brothers, Roger and Braxton Boomer, are making their pitch and hoping to land the money and talent for what they think will be their next big 3-D movie! A starlet, a big producer, a party-crashing camera man and a billionaire are all ready to watch as Braxton himself presents the pitch in fabulous 3-D... when he is discovered dead on the studio floor! The evening turns into a whodunnit with Roger desperate to nail his killer and have his revenge! 

Comic twists and turns abound in this witty and lively show. Six actors.

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 Murder in the Manor (our February 2012 show)

Artemus Ward, the cranky publishing magnate who controls the whole town, has been murdered at his table while waiting to meet with an unknown guest. An arrogant reporter and an incompetent coroner are on the scene to help figure out the crime. Everyone is suspect! Among them: Jeannie Dell, the ditzy owner of the Manor Restaurant; Bernie Jones, the destitute nephew of Artemus Ward; Ward's cutthroat lawyer, and his two children, cold-as-a-snake Reginald and crazy, Dickinson-quoting Alexis-Ward-Regent-Middlefield-Abernathy-Gillicuddy-Boscowicz, whose husbands keep turning up dead at their dinner plates! 7 or 8 actors (one can double as the murder victim).

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This show was performed August-October, 2010.

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***A special note to our visitors: keep checking back, because we'll be adding news clippings from the Texico Territory Territorial Tattler that could give you additional clues to help solve the crime when you come to dinner! CLICK HERE to see the clippings!***

Don't let the pose fool you: Sure, Sheriff Randy knows his way around a gun, but he's as gentle as a new daddy, and everyone in town benefits from his fatherly advice!

Everyone remembers the day Randy showed up in town in oversize shoes and a red rubber nose, and--while we're still not sure just what was up with that--it only took him a few days to be everybody's advisor and pal. He was a shoe-in (oversize or not!) at the next sheriff's election, especially after our last sheriff, Stacey Jones, had that unfortunate little accident two weeks before!

But for all his niceness, some folks say Randy sometimes has a haunted look, as if he's struggling with ghosts from his past... especially when Gregory Blaine O'Blatherskite's around!


Everybody knows Sheriff Randy's loveable but not-so-bright sidekick, Arney. Sure, he's got a temper, but he's a load of laughs and he's perfectly harmless as long as someone takes his gun.

Arney considers himself a brilliant leader, a very dervish in a fight (he once arm-wrestled the secretary of the Baptist Lady's Sewing Circle to a draw), and a genuine lady's man. We all agree to let him believe what he will, it seems to make him so happy.

But incompetent as he is, he's more loyal than a dog and we don't know what Sheriff Randy would do without him!


Mac is a well-known con-man and drifter, known for his winning ways with cards and women. 

He is famous for real estate swindles, including that famous day when he sold Mortimer Mills, governor of our beautiful territory of Texico, "prime, rich, well-watered ranch land" that turned out to be the river bottom of the Rio Grande.

It ain't that he's never been caught, but he's a slippery one and can slip out of a jail as quick as Doc Loopy can yank a tooth!

Of late he's been seen in the company of Sweet Mary, reputed to be his syrupy sister. He is suspected to have had dealings with the late O'Blatherskite.


MR. Duncan is beloved for his knowledge of the world, and especially beloved by the boys at the saloon because he's so bad with cards. He's a mite crotchety and bad-tempered, but who can blame him? He used to own the railroad!

No one -- not even the Methodist Ladies -- know how it happened, but one day last July he turned over the entire Texico Territory Railroad over to one of his night watchmen... our own Gregory Blaine O'Blatherskite! Was he tired of the responsibility? No one knows, but he's now a conductor on the train, and we understand there's really bad blood between the conductor and the president!


She's known to cause cavities in the hardest-hearted of men! The Ladies Methodist Quilting and Gossiping Society suggests that Sweet Mary has led a troubled life, though when pressed for details faces flush strangely warm and they pucker their lips until they look like latter day prunes. 

She says she was born in the Sandwich Islands, but there's no birth certificate to prove it! She's been traveling with Mac Dooley and is assumed to be his sweet sister. Leroy Divinity, president of the Presbyterian Men's Horse Shoe and Divine Election Club, she is rumored to be caught up in the "con" club with her brother!

What kind of goods, we wonder, does she have on O'Blatherskite?


JANE OAKUM... Jane is quite the character here about town. As Muckity Schlitz, the saloon keeper, says, "She don't take no sass when you pour her sasparilla!"

Jane is one of the best bounty-hunters in the west, and her credo is, "I always get my man!" Why, she's put Mac Dooley behind bars at least five times in the last six years, and his sister Sweet Mary twice!

But Jane has been known to step out of bounds of the law to achieve her ends, and a lot of folks are wondering why she's been seen in the company of Mr. O'Blatherskite... and just what their relation might have been!


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